Compromising Situations

22 11 2009

Don’t be the next one to get caught in a compromising situation. Hahaaa! Love you too little paint.


Family Ties

22 11 2009

None more prepared than us. King D has the BBC bag full and I got the cookie jar, don’t get caught w/ ya hand in the cookie jar luv.



iChat is More Fun…

13 11 2009

Picture 10

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Behind The Scene’s: Mini & Olivia’s Shoot

13 11 2009


Mini doing the Club Betty shoot. Read the rest of this entry »

Ooo’s & Aaah’s Video Shoot

11 11 2009


Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins iii, & a cast of so many other people (way more than I feel like typing right now). Oh & yeah we were there as well. I released a preview of the actual video and some song material from that night on youtube & a Fresh Daily interview; check youtube: SoHoB1


SoHo B & Coolness P in Moomia?!

29 10 2009

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The Defeat

24 10 2009

I was completely outclassed by Killa in this fight.